Since 2011, Ensemble has birthed creations pertaining to the female form and continue to embody femininity in their thoughtful design- aiming to equip women to go about their day with condense in today’s dynamic environment.

This goes for their weather-proof range like parka jacket and multi purpose scarves, whilst on the other end of the spectrum, we are treated to sheer kimono robe deeply inspired by nature-the kind of pieces you would proudly wear on a quiet day for some me-time.That is why Ensemble woman is the epitome of the ambivert; the details on the clothes speak for themselves yet it should never overpower the wearer.

As part of the pioneers of the independent fashion scene in Jakarta, the label have been at The Goods Department and Brightspot Market mainstay since the start. Their local success has led them to conquering more of the Asia market through participating in Singapore’s Public Garden Consumer Trade Show. Alongside their recent collaboration with Zalora.com, designer and illustrator; Bonnie Natasha Arif and Diva Meshia Arif ensures that Ensemble is an organic brand whose steps arepowered by their own growth and personal journey to self-awareness.

Proudly designed and made in Indonesia, through their close ties with customers and careful consideration of the local makers, Ensemble hopes to continue being more than just a wardrobe staple in infusing their own brand of elegance in and around the home.