“For us, we have always been fascinated by elongated lean silhouettes, patterns,
prints, and flared cuts which accentuate the body.

We enjoy transitions of classics to excessive, where in between shows an infinite
mix of pop and subtly in style.” – Bonnie Natasha Arif & Diva Meshia Arif,
founding designer and illustrator.

Ensemble was born in 2011 to celebrate femininity in all forms. It embraces the
body in a positive manner. Neither in vulgarity or restraint, but a comfort of being
in your own skin and an awareness to know what is personally suitable.

Each line designed responds to the sensitivity of a woman. How body cycles and
life changes can impact the disposition of the wearer. Created are multi-purpose
scarves, re-adjustable features, and distinct kimono robes, which are worn by
preference. Their signature often combines hand drawn prints and embroideries
with a reference to nature and slow living.

Designed and made in Indonesia, Ensemble continues to be conscious in building
a sustainable production line by working with local artisans, Ensuring workers
and customers do not compromise quality of well-being and design – in hopes
each wearer understand what they wear and carry forward the story of each