We owe you an explanation.

Remember about our commitment for being more responsible everyday? One step at a time, we are looking for ways to be better everyday. How? By doing various things. So, here’s a responsibility report from us. 



Most of our paper waste, or around 80% of it comes from our pattern making process. 

Another 20% comes from business-related daily paper usage such as invoices, notes and sketch papers. 

Our business does not heavily rely on paper. Yet, we produce around 2,5kgs worth of paper waste each month! For such a light product, that’s a lot. Which is why we’re ecstatic that we can recycle them. Collaborating with Rubah Kertas, we’ve been recycling all of our paper waste in the studio.



As a fashion brand, we understand that fashion produces a significant amount of fabric waste. 

That, we cannot avoid. We did several action plans to reduce this, such as upcycling. Yet, it’s still not enough. Until we finally found a partner that is able to recycle fabric waste (yay!). 

To be able to recycle them, we need to separate the fabrics into 4 categories:

  • Man Made Fabric - Pre Consumer
  • Man Made Fabric - Post Consumer
  • Natural Fabric - Pre Consumer
  • Natural Fabric - Post Consumer

In total, we’ve managed to collect 34,15 kg (yes, 34!) Man-Made Fabrics and 4,2 kg Natural Fabrics.

Doing this is such a relief to us, as this is one of the main concerns when you’re in the fashion industry. 

Disclaimer: We’re currently collaborating with for fabric waste recycling. However, their capacity is still limited, so let’s all hope that they can expand much bigger!



When you sell something that needs to be protected (especially from liquid) during the storing or shipping process, it’s hard to eliminate plastic 100%. Right now, we still use plastic for some products. Most of our plastic usage are cellophane plastic with adhesives. 

However, one of the things we got right this time is we found a partner that can recycle plastic waste. This does not allow us to forever use plastic. Alternatives will come eventually. But being able to find a partner that compensate on your weakness is another relief for us. 

We’ve managed to recycle 3kgs of cellophane plastics that are used on product shipments from our manufacturer to our studio. 

Did you know? 1 Plastic bag weighs approximately 4-9 grams each. So 3kg worth of plastic is a surprising amount, even for us. All this isn’t possible with the help of our partner Waste4Change - whom we collaborated with in recycling these plastics.