Ensemble will take women on a personal journey of finding self-love and embracing curves. Inspired by the autumn in New York with its falling leaves, enchanting colors of copper and terracotta, the highlight cut of 1970’s; the long and lean silhouette, and woman’s figure. Then, along came the bamboo print which its philosophy embodies women; rooted thus it is flexible, bend but strong, these amazing elements culminated in this Fall/Winter 2018 collection.

Ensemble delivers this collection with ultra-feminine details such as pleats, frills, gathered, flounce. As for the fabrics were made from cotton, cotton twill, satin-silk, polyester which all of them are locally sourced in Indonesia, and the signature hand-drawing artwork was digitally processed and printed on to the fabric surface. Moreover, Ensemble will be keeping a moderate quantity of the collection and re-purpose the fabric waste as a move to reduce carbon footprint, these values are encapsulated in a mindful fashion that the brand now carries.